Making Giving Personal

Charitable Tax Credit

Thank you for supporting HonorHealth Desert Mission, a qualifying charitable organization. With this donation, your gift will support the Food Bank, Adult Day Healthcare and Lincoln Learning Center. When you donate to Desert Mission, you may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit. How is a tax credit different than a deduction? A credit reduces the amount you owe in Arizona taxes, or increases your refund, by the amount you donate to Desert Mission, up to $800 (filing jointly) or $400 (filing single). No itemizing necessary! The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is a separate credit from tax credits for schools and foster care agencies.


How Your Gift Changes Lives

Woman holding baby

Feed Families in Need

Help provide food for individuals and families in crisis.

Newborn baby

Nurture Newborns

Ensure babies receive the healthy food they need to grow.


Protect Kids from Going Hungry

Supply children in free and reduced school lunch programs with the nutritious food they need to avoid going hungry over the weekend.

Senior citizen

Support At-Risk Seniors

Make it possible for seniors in your community to have access to healthy meals.